Monday, June 4, 2012

We made it in the newspaper

Eagle article, June 3, 2012 article
If I find a link to the online story I'll share it here but in the mean time this is a low quality scan of the page. The general website for the paper is It's exciting to make it in the paper, I just wish they had done some type of interview or had more of a writeup.

The inside rebar on our main dome is continuing to be installed. Hopefully that will finish up tomorrow (Tuesday) and the electricians and plumbers will get in there after that. I know I have said the same thing in my last few posts, maybe it is wishful thinking. However, the new news is that the airforms for the garage and auxiliary dome were delivered this morning, and while the electricians and plumbers are working inside the main dome, the Monolithic crew will be working on the other buildings. The plan is for them to get back in the main dome late this week and start working on the final coat of concrete probably Monday of next week. They hope to be completely finished with the main dome on Wednesday of next week!!!!

Last Friday the general contractor and I sat down for about 2 hours and discussed the locations and type of the various light fixtures, plugs, switches, and such for the house. I had never really considered how permanent a decision it was to properly locate the electrical that will be in the outer walls. The normal interior walls are more flexible and if we decide to move a switch from this wall to that wall, it is only a pain, while in the outer wall, it is all but impossible after the dome is completed. So if you are designing a dome home, think about electrical (and plumbing) early on and be ready to answer exactly (to the nearest inch) you want those things on the inside of the dome (and the outside for that matter).

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