Monday, June 25, 2012

Concrete work has resumed

It looks like they sprayed maybe 8 yards of concrete on the inside of one lobe of the main house and on the garage. That last part I did not expect. There is about an inch of concrete sprayed on the inside of the garage now (on top of the 1/2" they put down prior to tying on the rebar). The rest of the concrete was sprayed on the inside of the master bedroom lobe of the main dome.

It looks like they are praying about 8 yards of concrete a day. Which is fine, but it will take about 11 yards of concrete to put half an inch on all surfaces of the main dome. It seems like it would be more efficient to spray the entire dome with a little bit of concrete rather than spraying about 1/3 of it with some and then moving to the garage. I'm sure there is a reason for doing it this way, but it perplexes me. Using this current methodology I have no idea when to predict that the domes will be ready.

One other thing is that the auxiliary dome airform is back, and presumably fixed. Since the fan is not currently running for the main house, I expect them to set up the other airform soon and get it inflated and start on the insulation for that one. Maybe the goal is to have all three of them completed at about the same time? We'll see.

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