Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rebar Progress Slowly Being Made

I went out to the house yesterday and used my phone to take a few pictures I hoped to post with this, but apparently it was too dark and the phone could not find an autofocus, so unless you want to see a blurry mess, I'll wait and try again this afternoon to take the real camera out and get a few good pictures of the inside with rebar. Basically each dome looks sort of like a world globe with the latitude and longitude line on it, plus a lot of reinforcement around the doors and windows.

The sad part is that it is taking a LOT longer to get the rebar up than expected. I was there at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and they looked like they might have been barely half way through the applying of the rebar. That does not sound too bad until you realize that on Monday I guessed they were close to one third of the way through. Doing the Math, that means that in the course of about 6 or 7 hours of work they only gained about one sixth of the total work. At that rate they still need about 18 hours to finish the rebar. Maybe my estimates are off, and maybe something else came up that they had to deal with, but it seems extremely slow right now. Part of that is anticipation of it being done, but part of it is pure math.

We also posted our third payment (out of 5) yesterday, so we are 70% paid for the domes so far. The rest will follow in a few weeks I would guess.

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