Thursday, June 14, 2012

Final Inspection for Rebar and Electrical today...I hope

The main dome should be (as of 4:00 yesterday they were working wildly) ready for the city to come perform the inspection of the rebar and electrical work. If it all passes, then tomorrow (Friday) they will start spraying the final coat of concrete. The plan is to put 2 inches on on Friday and finish the remaining 2 inches on Monday.

They had also completed spraying the initial coat of concrete on the garage dome and were hoping to get the rebar up in it and have it inspected at the same time. I really doubt that will happen, but you never know. If they worked late into the night to finish it could happen.

We did get some sort of bad news about the auxiliary dome though. The airform is about 10 inches to big for the slab. I don't know if the slab it too small or if the airform is to big, but they did not fit and it is much easier to reduce the size of the airform than it is to increase the size of the foundation. So they are taking the airform back to the factory and will reduce it and bring it back next week. It sets the dome work back a few days, but the project should not be behind since the workers can still work on the main dome and garage.

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