Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garage has electrical

I went out this morning to look at the progress and was a bit surprised to find the fan/blower for the main dome not running, but the one for the garage was running. When I stepped in the main dome it felt like a sauna in there, but almost all the rebar was covered and it looked like the lower sections might even be completely finished. I think they are still a bit shy of complete, but it is close. My guess is that today they will finish the lower section 100% and get the upper section to the point the lower one is now, and then Friday morning they will complete the main dome.

The garage now has electrical conduit in place for a light switch, overhead lights, a garage door opener, and plugs around the walls. It is interesting looking at the path the conduit takes to get to all the boxes. I'd hate to have to remember that path when I was stringing wires after the concrete work in done.

We have not yet seen the repaired/modified auxiliary dome airform yet, I guess they dropped it off last weekend and will pick it up this weekend. We'll see.

We also got the plans (and the approval of the city for the plans) for the fire suppression system to be installed. Coupled with that we got out first water bill from the city and there is a $24 charge for the fire suppression system water meter every month, even though we do not use it (other than a brief test every few months) hopefully ever. We're going to have a discussion with the city about that one of these days soon. I doubt it will help, but you never know.

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