Sunday, February 12, 2012

Engineering calculations complete

Last week the design plans were check ed by the staff engineer for Monolithic Domes and all looked good. This means that the set of construction documents is now complete (we had to submit the official plat from the city) and on Monday we will be giving a final review to them on Monday.

With the plans finalized the fabrication of the air form (the balloon which will form the outer shell of the dome) can begin. The actual design of the shape (similar to design clothes, you have to figure out what shape pieces of flat fabric need to be cut so that when they are sewed together they form the correct 3D shape) is underway and that show take a week or two. During this time they order the vinyl fabric and can begin construction immediately upon completing the design. I hope to visit Monolithic during the actual fabrication of the airform and get a picture or two.

Another benefit of having the construction documents in hand is we can take them to the city and get the necessary building permits. The only thing we still have to do is determine the window style so we can do an energy calculation to satisfy the city on the dome's energy efficiency. We'll talk with our general contractor next week to get this done.

We also now have a driveway and electrical power (or will in the very near future). Next week I am gong to call and request water service which should be installed within 1-2 weeks.

If everything stays on schedule now we should see the dome go up somewhere around mid-March and by early to mid April the interior work should be able to begin. The estimate is 5-6 months to finish the interior, so we are now looking at a move in date of early October. That makes it about 15 months from initial stages of planning to move-in.