Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Removing the Airlock on the Main House

Airlock_Removed, Main Dome Airlock Removed
This evening I went out and was surprised to find the main house's airlock cut away from the airform. The inside of the domes had about another 1/2-3/4" of shotcrete sprayed on it. The rebar is almost entirely covered now, only showing at the very top of the domes. Many of the electrical boxes around the walls are completely embedded, or very close now. It is starting to look like a real dome home on the inside. My guess is they will finish covering the rebar tomorrow, need to put one more coat on Thursday and do touch ups on Friday.

The garage also had another 3/4" or so of shotcrete sprayed on it and the fan was turned off there as well. At this rate they will finish spraying it on friday as well, then all that is remaining is the auxiliary dome. Progress really is being made. My estimate is they sprayed 12-15 yards of concrete today.

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