Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thickness of the Concrete Dome

We have come to an interesting point in the construction of the dome. Monolithic should be through (I have not checked this afternoon, but they estimate they should be through) spraying the concrete on the inside of the house. Now how do the inspectors determine if the dome is built within specification? Measuring the thickness of the concrete is a non-trivial exercise. Not only that, but the plans Monolithic submitted to us do not exactly call out the required thickness of concrete at all points on the shell.

I have no answer to this issue at the moment, but as we figure more out I'll post again and let everyone know what the outcome is. One thing which could have been done before any concrete was sprayed to help at least measure the thickness of the shell would be to add a few of the rebar hangers to the dome at semi-random points and simply allow them to stay there unbend and use them to measure the buildup of the concrete. Doesn't help at the moment, but in teh future this method could be used.

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