Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rebar Finished, Electrical started

Wall, Wall with rebar installed
The rebar is almost all done. Maybe it is all done, but there is one window that looks to me like they forgot to apply the rebar under the window. A general suggestion to any of you planning on dong a monolithic dome is to go out to the site and look at what is happening frequently. If something looks amiss, ask questions. Maybe all is as it should be and you simply don't understand, or maybe someone just forgot something. Our house had rebar support embedded in the slab across the locations of the back door. This was an oversight caused by reading a door as if it were a window, and it was easy to fix.

When I was out there Saturday, it looks as if the general contractor or maybe the electrical sub had walked around and placed a few junction boxes by just setting them on the rebar in a few location to figure out how they were going to mount them. I'm glad they are dealing with that, because I really don't know how I'd attached them to the structure. In a normal house they just screw to the studs, but we have no studs, and so they must be mounted and held in place with the conduit and it has to be attached to either the rebar of the slab at some point. It looks like it will be a tricky job to get the all placed right and at the right thickness from the back of the concrete wall. They have to basically sit out in space so that the front face of the box is exactly 7" away from the current location of the back of the wall, so that when they spray the remaining 7" of concrete it will match up with the new surface of the wall. The picture above shows a closeup of the wall section with the rebar. The rebar is currently about 1" from the back wall, so how do you add a box hanging out in space 6" in front of the rebar?

Local building codes specify that a section of wall may not be longer than 6' without an outlet, so we will have plenty of outlets around the outer walls, both upper and lower floor. If the first floor seemed to be tricky, think about what the second floor will be like, wiring these boxes to hang in space abut 12 feet off the slab. I bet it will take at least 3 days to set it all up next week, maybe 4. (btw, they're estimate is 2 days).

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