Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Electrical is going in

Electrical-Box, Electrical Box in the Utiltiy Room
Yesterday afternoon we had a big thunderstorm come through and I went out to the land to see how much water was flowing in the drainage ditch/creek along the front of our property. I was actually a bit disappointed. Driving out there I went across several places on the roads where the water was curb to curb and I splashed through 4-6 inches of water, especially in the low lying areas. When I got to our land, the ditch was only about half way up the 36" culvert under our driveway and was flowing a bit, but not quickly. I don't know if that area just did not get as much rain, or if it drains really well, but I was somewhat disappointed by what I saw.

I did, however, go and wade through the mud up to the house and took the above picture of one of the electrical boxes now mounted. They are screwing them into the concrete wall behind them to keep them in place. The concrete is about 1 inch thick at the moment and the boxes themselves are only about 2 inches thick, maybe 3. My concern is that I do not see how this will be flush with the front of the wall if the total wall thickness of concrete should be 8" thick. I would think that they would need about a 4 inch offset from the existing concrete surface, not a flush mount. I plan on asking the general contractor about that today.

I did have one surprise as I walked the grounds to the main house. The garage dome was inflated! I did not go into it, because the ground in front was really soggy, but I looked at it and it looks small, but so did the house from the outside. I'm hoping to go out and see the inside later today.

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