Saturday, March 9, 2013

Solar Power

Solar Frame photo Solar_Array_frame_web_zps7641aa02.jpg
The frame for the solar array is now in, as is the connection for the Solar Water Heater. We are certainly not going to be fully off the grid, but we hope these will put a serious dent in our carbon footprint. The solar PV array will be about 6m x 10m. By my calculation that is somewhere in the 9-10 kW range, during full sun, so an average of about 3-4 kW throughout the daylight hours or about 30 kW-hr of power daily. It does not have any tracking ability, but should still be very useful.

The inside on the dome has now been primed with tinted prime, so we can start to see the final color of the dome. The rest of the interior walls should be primed soon and then final coats will go on everything.

The stair treads should be delivered on Monday, so we will have a fully functional staircase by the end of the week.

Much design work is happening this week with regards to the outdoor layout. The fence, the driveway, the patio, etc. I am going to try to get a few renderings of the outside of the house done this week.

Finally, I think we have a fairly confident move in date on the first week of May. Just before that the area has that annual parade of homes, which is a chance for the various builders to show off what projects they worked on. Our builder wants this house to be on the tour, so I hope everything will be done in time.

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