Saturday, March 16, 2013

Parade of Homes

The local Builders Association sponsors a Parade of Homes each Spring and Fall. The 2013 Spring Parade is coming up toward the end of April/first of May and our builder REALLY wants the Dome Home to be part of the Parade.It is my understanding that he will be getting at least 2 different work crews to the dome starting on Monday to do painting and masonry work, plus a partial crew to start working on laying out the back patio and fence. If everything goes as he expects things will really be hopping around there for the next few weeks. If it goes the way he wants here is what should be done within 3 weeks (maybe 3 1/2):
  • Interior painting of all domes
  • Back patio poured
  • Outdoor kitchen built
  • Fire pit installed
  • Pizza oven installed
  • Driveway poured
  • Propane Tank installed
  • Counter Tops installed
  • Stairway finished
  • Flooring done
  • Lighting installed
If he can pull all this off, I think we actually have a shot at the Parade of Homes, but I think it is a very ambitious schedule to get all this done in 3 weeks. I really hope everything works out. If they get as many people working as they expect, I will probably be posting every day just to keep up with all that is going on.

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