Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter (#2)

Well, today is Easter Sunday, and this is the second Easter Sunday that the house has been under construction. Each day there is some visible progress being made toward completion. Last week they started working on grading the back patio area and have mostly finished painting the inside. While they were working on the back patio, they did some work on the back yard in general. The day after they grade the back yard area and knocked down some of the scruffy stuff, we were walking around and found 2 small dead snakes. A good reminder that, at least for a while, we need to be careful around there. The pool house still needs some painting as well as a lot of little details (like baseboard), but that's OK.

Next week we are looking forward to the outside rock being delivered, the stairway treads and banister parts should be installed, the counter tops should be installed, and we might even get a start on laying the flooring. I'll get a picture or two for the next update.

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