Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good news

We did get a bit of very good news that has little to noting to do with completing the house. A week ago, while looking around outside I noticed that many of the larger trees (including an oak that has a circumference of about 12') had not budded out yet, while everything else had. I figured we'd lost them. Looking around this morning I noticed that all but one have come out. I admit the big one does not have a lot of buds, and I'm sure we'll have to trim some of it back, but it is alive.

There were two workers out there this morning working on finishing the window sills. On Monday we are supposed to be up to a full crew working on the exterior of the house with all the scaffolding. I'm hoping that makes short work on covering the ~10,000 square feet of dome with the rocks.

The painting has gone well this week, and it looks as if everything is primed now and they have begun to pain the door frames and base board in some of the rooms. My hope is that they can finish the painting this week and the floor next week. I don't know if that is the sequence the contractor will use, but I think it is close.

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