Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Propane Gas is Being Installed

The work crews were out in force both yesterday and today. The scratch coat on the Garage is 100% done and on the pool house is about 50% done. The rest will have to wait for a few days because a) the work crew has most of their scaffolding on another job and b) it is expected to rain some over the next few days. The rock should be ready next week, so as long as the scratch coat is ready by the first of the week there is no delay. However, the main dome still needs the mesh to be applied, which requires that the front porch awning be weatherized and then the mesh can be continued to that as a complete shell.

With the decision made to put the propane tank above ground and behind the solar array, the plumbers are now laying the piping to connect the tank to the outdoor kitchen and the pool heater. It looks to me like the pipe will be finished today and will have to be inspected in the next day or two before it is reburied. While they are working on that, the clean out trap for the main house kitchen has been moved out of the middle of the patio and near where the outdoor kitchen will be located.

The main thing I take away from this post and what has been happening is the stuff HAS been happening and maybe, just maybe, we'll actually make it on the Parade of Homes in early May.

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