Sunday, August 11, 2013

Outdoor Kitchen is getting close

Last night, about 6:30 we went out to see what had happened at the dome. The original plan was to go swimming then, but the weather was actually threatening storms and there was lightning in the area, so we scrubbed those (not that it actually rained very much). When we arrived, there were still two pickup trucks there. They were working on installing the granite on the outdoor kitchen. I think they were planning on staying until they finished last night, but I'm not sure. I am just surprised they were there.

There had also been a lot of work done on the front retaining wall. The rock covering was about 75% done and all the cinder blocks and the wall cap were in place. It looks nice. Later this week I'll post several pictures with links to higher resolution photos of stuff around the house. It really is all starting to come together.

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