Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Move in date set

I know I have promised high res pictures for over a week now, but I need to get some time to go out and take them. I hope to get some this weekend. Besides, there is a lot of little progress being made each day now. The outdoor kitchen is almost finished. Door knows, drawer pulls, and cabinet knobs are being installed. Most of the tile and rock work inside is done. The landscaping has been planned and will start to be installed next week. The holes in the walls and ceilings where they had to go fishing for wires are being patched. Cleaning crews are coming in and doing a cleaning to make it easier to see what needs to be done. Lots of little stuff.

The list of 43 things is still mostly there, but many of them are "mostly" done now and I am told that by the weekend maybe half of them will be finished.

We are now confident that things will be done soon and we have scheduled an official move in date of September 4th. The movers will come to our old house that morning and move everything we have boxes, packs, or marked to the new house. The plan is to spend that night in the new dome house!

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