Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Well, things are progressing on the outside at a good clip. It looks like a bunch of gophers or somethings have been digging in the yard. They are putting in the irrigation system and there are trenches dug all over the place. It looks like they will finish that phase up in a few days and will then get to the sodding and planting. We are actually going to wait for a few weeks to put out many of the larger plants, just to let the weather cool off a little bit.

Inside there is not nearly as much progress happening. Our list of must haves before move in has had about 10 things completed and probably another 10 partially done (out of 43), but has also had 6 or so more things added to it, so they need to get busy to have things ready for our move. Right now I am not optimistic about making the deadline, despite assurances from our contractor. We'll see.

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