Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inspections going well

I don't have a new picture to include with this post, because not a whole lot has visually changed. There are a lot more wires strung throughout the house and things look a bit tidier. There are three main panels installed with, again, a lot of wires running to them. One more panel has to be installed, but the inspectors approved it today without the panel in place. The main things that have happened (or are about to happen) are:
  • Plumbing and HVAC inspections are approved
  • We have found a supplier for the propane tank and will be getting that installed soon
  • After a bit of worry, we have determined that the Jacuzzi we wanted will indeed fit in the space we had reserved for it in the bathroom, but only by putting it at an angle. I actually think it will make a nice effect that way.
  • The design of the water feature is almost done. We just need to size the pumps and give it final approval.
  • The dormers will get their wrapping tomorrow!!!!
  • We will be meeting on Friday to sign paperwork for the pool

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