Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dome open house

OpenHouse, Our table at the 2012 Domes tour
Today we opened our dome house to the public as part of the Monolithic Domes home tour. In addition to several of our friends we had a few interesting visitors. One was a local realtor who was watching TV last night (HGTV I think) and they did a special where they went to Italy Texas and looked at many of the domes there and included an interview with David South. He saw this and went to the web site and found our dome on the dome tour. My wife took he and his wife through our dome and they seemed very interested.

We also had a couple drive in from Georgetown Texas to look. They are seriously considering building one up in New York and maybe another here in the Austin area. A second couple drove up from Conroe with their two children. He has been interested in domes for about 10 years, but they have been unsure. I think that after seeing our home, they (as a couple and kids) think highly of domes and will probably seriously consider one in the next few (maybe 5-10) years.

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