Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Main Shell is Officially Done, Almost

I spoke with the general contractor last night and we talked about the progress on the house. The main dome shell is done and he has started working on leveling the slab prior to beginning construction. The only issue is there is one spot that looks a bit rough to me up on what would be the second floor. He's going to check it out this morning and see. Other than that the score is one down two to go.

The auxiliary dome is now inflated, so you can see the shape of all three domes. The plan is to finish the domes this week. Spraying polyurethane on the auxiliary dome today, setting rebar on Wednesday, and spraying the concrete on Thursday and Friday. I bet it will stick out onto Monday, but it is a good goal and has potential.

This afternoon we are going to go with the contractor and look at stuff like lighting, flooring, appliances, etc. and try to get a bit more figured out.

All in all it feels like we are back on track and making progress. I don't have a revised move in date yet, but I'll add that as soon as we figure something out. Now that the general contractor has access to the main dome to work that schedule should be forthcoming.

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