Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Framer scheduled to start work next week

This morning I went by the new house to see what was happening and found the general contractor on site. We talked about the process for a while and I found out a few more details about the process. The framer he will be using is currently working on finishing another job. He should be finished this week, so next week he'll be working on our house. It should take about 2 weeks to get all the first floor walls and the second floor subfloor in place. At that time they will work on getting the windows in and the doors in place so that the place will be 100% weathered in. That should take another week or two.

So by mid-August we should have all three domes fully weathered in and the interior work, and the exterior rock covering, should all proceed concurrently then. I asked him about getting the house in the Parade of Homes in October and he is very skeptical about having it close enough by then. He was guessing 80% or so at that point. Maybe enough to show off the house, maybe not. I asked about a move in by mid November, he said probably not, but that he was putting together a timeline now that Monolithic was about finished and he could really be in charge of the process.

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