Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Leveling the Slab

Leveling Slab, Patch cut to level main slab
The process of leveling the slab has commenced. The trick is to identify the areas that are too tall and bring a concrete saw in and slice cuts in the slab that are about an inch deep. The concrete is then chipped out around these cuts and the resulting hole is back filled to make it level with the main floor. As of yesterday evening there were 4 such areas, each about 3' x 6' or so in area that had been cut out to level. This would have been SOOOOOOO much easier if it were done right the first time. sigh.

The other thing we have been dealing with the last few days are strong storms blowing through the area. The ground around the domes is very soft (I sank to my ankles several times walking around to take the pictures). It also causes a concern for the newly inflated airform since it is important that we do not get a power outage until there is a concrete support layer on the inside of the dome. If the power dies, the foam polyurethane will not support the weight of the dome and it will collapse, requiring the foam to be scrapped off and a new layer put back when the dome is re-inflated. So far that has not been a problem. It almost was with the garage. The workers inflated the dome before they went home and came back in the morning to spray the foam. The power had died (due to a broken overhead power line). All it meant was that they could not start until the power was restored (early afternoon).

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