Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finished with the spines

Yesterday the Monolithic crew finished installing the rebar hangers and spraying the rest of the foam. We now have 3+ inches of polyurethane on the inside of our dome. Using the table of R values provided by the Colorado Department of Energy one inch of polyurethane gives an R value of about 6.25, so we have almost R19 already in place, without even considering the outer covering or the concrete. Going inside the dome you can already feel some of the equalizing effect of the dome and the insulation.

The plan for today is to spray an inch or so of concrete on the inside so that the rebar cannot touch the polyurethane at any point. Once this sets they will begin to install the rebar, a process which will probably take most of the rest of the week. Next week is devoted to the plumbing and electrical work. By the end of the week we should be able to call the inspector out to check all the rebar, plumbing, and electrical. If it passes, then on next Friday, June 8th, they will spray the rest of the concrete. It will cure over that weekend and the dome should be finished on Monday the 11th of June.

The Monolithic team will then set their sights on the garage and the other dome and on finishing the main dome slab. Hopefully by mid-June the contractor will be able to start working on the main dome exterior windows and doors.

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