Thursday, May 24, 2012

About ready to foam the inside

Last night the crews finished all the framing (well as of 5:30 they were very close) and the plan is to actually spray the polyurethane this morning. They had to remake the second floor window frames since the vertical locations were off in the original plans, but that has been done and everything should be ready. They are going to have to redo the front door frame since we have changed the concept and no longer have the sidelights on the door that were part of the original design.

Apparently they spray about a 2" coat of the polyurethane on and then place the rear hangers on/in it, then they come back and spray another 1" of polyurethane on top of that to firmly anchor them in place. Anyway, by the time I get out there this evening to look, the inside should be all foamed and the hangers should be in place to tie off the rebar for the concrete.

Also, this afternoon I have a meeting with the fire suppression sub-contractor about that system. Since we are inside the city limits, but outside the area they have placed fire hydrants, we have to have an active fire suppression system in the house. This meant running two water lines from the supply main out front to the house, a 1" line for the house water, and a 2" line for the fire suppression system. Each with their own water meter. Anyway, this afternoon we're going to talk about the system, what it will look like visually, and where we want the various sprinkler heads in the house. This fire suppression system was one of the surprises we got when going through the city for all the permits.

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