Thursday, May 26, 2011

More information about the property

Right now we are still waiting to hear back from the title company about closing on the land. I hope that is done soon and we'll have one step along the way completed.

Jari has been doing a lot of phone calling about things. The property is within the city limits and so will have city water supplied by Wellborn Water. However there does not appear to be a fire hydrant in the area, so we have to consider that when designing the house and more importantly the driveway. It has to be able to handle a full sized fire truck, but in weight capacity and in turning radius. yet one more thing for us to consider.

We do not yet know about whether we will have city sewer or if we'll have to run a septic tank. We also don't know about cable TV/Internet. Those are still on the find out list.

We do know that the city has no objections to a Dome Home, so that is a good thing.

There is no gas service in the area, so we'll need to use propane for the gas. That's sort of alright, since it is recommended that Dome Homes be all electric anyway. The dome seals so well that you run the risk of vapors building up and causing problems with gas. Implicit in this is no fireplace.

We are still kicking around the idea of setting up some sort of photovoltaic system to supply at least part of our power requirement, but that is still under discussion. I'll probably devote an entire post (or more) to that discussion in the future.

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