Thursday, May 19, 2011

Setting the Stage

My wife and I have long dreamed/talked about building a dome home. During the last year we have finally gotten serious about the concept and are actually making progress on the design and securing land. It's not like the house will spring up in the next few weeks (or even months), but maybe within a year we'll have a new house.

The purpose of this blog is going to be documenting the process, the ups and downs, of the whole process. Initially the posts will be somewhat irregular as initially not a whole lot happens. We have already had our brainstorming time where we laid out the rooms and sizes we wanted and we have submitted that to the Monolithic Dome company and are in the process of iterating to find a design we like.

We are also looking at land in our area and hope to be purchasing some in the not too distant future. We actually made an offer yesterday. Once we get the land I'll certainly talk more about it.

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