Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hopefully have some land

This weekend has been a very busy weekend. On Friday morning we left town to move my daughter's stuff back from her first semester of Graduate School. She is still up there for a week or two finishing up her job, but we got her furniture and big stuff back this past weekend.

The night before we left our real estate agent called and it looks like we have a contract on some land. Almost 2 acres of land in the area we have been looking it. There are a lot of trees on the land, some of them fairly large. The only water feature is a small creek bed running across the front of the property. it is dry most of the year (especially now) but does handle runoff during rains. The back edge of the property is about 3 feet higher than the front, so it drains towards that little creek bed.

Once we close on it we'll get a complete survey to mark the edges of the property and then we can look at contour maps and think about house placement. There are many trees that are WAY too nice to even consider taking out, so we may have to be a bit creative to locate the house amoung the existing trees.

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