Thursday, July 4, 2013

Front Entrance is almost finished

The crews have been working diligently to try to finish up the exterior of the house. The front porch covering is now sealed and has the scratch coat applied. The interior faces are stuccoed and the exterior should be rock covered by the beginning of next week. This opens the way for the electricians to finish wiring the exterior lights and then we can get power connected. With any good luck that will happen by the middle of next week.

The air conditioner trim work has been mostly done by installing the grates over the ducts in the house. The return air grates are not in place, and they missed a half dozen closets, but they got most of them. Now once we get power, they can set the AC units and we can get on with the flooring and other interior work that needs power.

There are piles of cinder blocks and fire brick that have been delivered the last few days to build the various retaining walls and the pizza oven. Yesterday we also got a load of lumber which I think is devoted to the outdoor kitchen. I am hoping to see that go up next week as well. We still have a small section of the back patio that needs to be poured before the retaining walls can go in, lest they have to wheelbarrow in the concrete to the patio.

If we can keep this level of activity, then I think the timeline I gave in the previous post is reasonable, but there is always the potential for bad weather or other things to get in the way. by the end of next week I will be able to give a solid picture of how viable that schedule is.

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