Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back Patio is Finished

There is not a whole lot of work being done on the inside of the house right now (for which I am very curious and concerned), but they are working like gang busters on the outside. The pizza oven is completely finished, the outdoor kitchen is almost done, the outdoor kitchen covering is making nice progress, and they finally poured the last little bit of the back patio.

They have been hauling in a bunch of dirt to build up the area underneath what will be the driveway. I suspect they are sort of dragging their feet on this to let people who have heavy things to deliver get them done without driving on the newly poured driveway and possibly cracking it. That time is very close since they got the retaining walls done and the last bit of the back patio in as well. They also delivered the flooring for the pool house so that is ready to be installed as well.

So where do we stand on the progress meter? By the end of this week was the "be finished with the inside" time given by the contractor. It looks like he has shifted his focus to the outside now and I predict at least one more week (probably 2) before we are ready to apply for the certificate of occupancy. That makes it August 16th by my count, which is, of course, the Friday before the kids start back to school. That is the absolute worst timing in the world, but then again I should have listened to Murphy long ago and predicted that as a move in date.

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