Friday, May 3, 2013

Tile in the Bathroom

It seems like it has been forever since I posted an update. I think the fact that just a little bit happens each day makes it seem like not a lot goes on, so I get lazy and don't write updates (not to mention that it is final week here now and I am busy with that). One of our daughters purposefully stayed away for a few weeks and then went to look and to her it looked like a LOT had happened. WE now have rock on about 25% of the main dome, the floors are about level and ready to have tile laid on them, the counter tops are supposed to go in this week or early next week, the bathroom tiles are being installed in the shower and tub surround. We have about 75% of the light switches and light fixtures installed. Hoping to finish out the electrical fixtures next week and then we can get final electrical inspection and get power to the house properly, rather than having to connect via LONG extension cords to the power pole by the road.

We have been looking at everything and my wife and I ask, "is that really the fixture we picked out for this room?". I'm sure they are, but at least one seems very out of place. When you are starting down this path of building your own home, make sure you write down or even take a picture of all your various selections. I know we should have, and we did for most things, but not everything. Our bad, but live and learn.

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