Saturday, August 25, 2012

No Pictures this time

After I put those 4 pictures last post I felt as if I really didn't need more photo's. The appearance has not changed that much in the past 48 hours. What has happened is the subfloor has almost been finished. There are a few small areas right at the edges that they have to be very creative in cutting the plywood to match the dome shape that have not been done. The plywood they use for the second floor is 1 1/8" thick plywood. I did not realize they made plywood that thick. It comes pre-cut with tongue and groove sides for keeping it level and smooth.

We do have an appointment with an interior decorator who works with our contractor to began to discuss the decor and color schemes. One thing we have been surprised when looking around the house is that it does not really feel like it is that much bigger than our current house, even though it is over twice the square footage. I'm sure that is an illusion of the incomplete structure and all the building stuff sitting around. Anyway, we are considering repurposing some of the rooms based on our current perceptions and are really looking forward to working with someone who can tell us that our fears are unfounded, or give us useful advice about how to repurpose the rooms. Our appointment is not until next Friday, so I'll post about that next weekend.

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