Saturday, January 5, 2013

We have doors

Last week saw the installation of the interior doors and the exterior front door, along with locks to secure the house. It seem as if we have been having a few 'visitors' lately. So far we've seen no vandalism, but hopefully this will detur people even more.

The exterior rock should be delivered next week and that will take several more weeks to apply.

We picked up sinks and tubs and such last week so they can be ready to put in in a few weeks. Also the stair railing and spindles and such.

Next week we need to actually select the slabs of granite for the counter tops. We have the general type we want, but since each slab is slightly different, we have to pick out a particular one for each counter.

The floor leveling is almost done. It actually would be done, but for a cold snap one night that caused the final coat to not adhere the way it should and to buckle and bubble on the slab. It has to be scraped and reappplied now.

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