Sunday, September 16, 2012

Second Floor Windows Installed

No pictures yet, but the windows on the second floor are installed. At least all but the large picture window over the Foyer. Having the windows in place certainly helps make the rooms feel more well defined. The dormers give more headroom extending to the windows, so it also makes the rooms feel larger.

The rough plumbing is in place, mostly. It is strange looking to me, since it used flexible tubing, not rigid pvc pipe. The tubing is color coded with the hot being red and the cold being white/clear. It looks to me like they made one mistake and put a red segment on a cold water run, but I have to ask the contractor about that. I also noticed they studs in the walls had small metal plates attached to them adjacent to the locations of the pipes/tubes. This is to prevent someone from driving a nail into the stud right above a pipe and causing a real problem. Sort of a nice system.

We have also decided that the upstairs attic is not going to be storage, but is going to be our "formal" living room. We have to deal with the air conditioners being in the back of the room, since that was originally planned to be uninhabited space. It does make a difference in the fire suppression system, so we need to get that system redone.

We also met with the decorator on Friday and are making headway on the flooring. Once we get that decided, we need to work on the cabinets and countertops. Things are really starting to happen that we need to be involved with on a weekly basis. We are at about "T minus 13 weeks" until move-in.

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