Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Site work to begin

We got the soil report back and the site actually has very good soil for building. Apparently the top few feet have a plasticity index of 21, which is remarkable in these parts. Not being into soils I really don't know what that means, but I am told that it is very good.

We have also gotten a contract for the initial site work to prepare for the foundation. Later this week (or maybe early next week) they will be removing some of the scrub and a few real trees, putting a new culvert across the creek, and laying the driveway to allow the construction vehicles access to the building site. The house is about 200 feet off the road, tucked well behind the front vegetation.

I hope to see the final floor plans next week and to get the proposal for the airform so they can start making the "balloon" that will one day be the outside of our dome home. Once all those things are done, we have between 4 and 6 weeks before they actually show up on site and inflate the balloon and build the dome. That makes it late February to early March. I have promised at least a dozen people that I will make sure they know exactly when the thing will be inflated so they can come out and watch. I promise to take pictures and shoot video of it so I can post it online for those of you who can't make it.

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