Monday, July 25, 2011

Final Design Revisions sent off (I hope)

The last revision we got back from the designers was very close. We did a lot of mirroring of the house to get the right parts of the house on the sides of the land we want. Now that we know the land this is feasible. In addition, we made a few cosmetic changes involving the placement of doors and bathroom fixtures. We also have started commenting about the exterior of the house to get a patio out back and a covered area outside the front doors. With any luck we'll get the revised plans back before the 1st of August and everything will be right and we'll be able to go on to the next stage and authorize the completion of construction drawings.

Now that this looks like it will all come together eventually, we have started looking at our current house and seeing what we can do to make it more marketable. We have started getting a handyman to do some wood work repair on the outside of the house (and some interior work as well) and are taking bids from painters to get the outside painted. I'm still not sure if we'll sell or rent the house, but with the market as it stands now, renting is looking better and better.

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