Friday, June 7, 2013


Well, today I finally spoke with our current insurance agent about getting insurance on our new monolithic dome home. In short, Allstate does not insure "geo homes". I called to complain that it was NOT a geodesic home, but a monolithic dome. The agent said they lump all those "non-traditional" homes, like domes and log cabins, into a special category and they no longer write policies on them since it is very difficult to assess what the potential cost of repairs would be. I guess I sort of understand that, but there is a growing database they could look into, but it looks like they are taking the easy way out and ducking. Anyway, our agent is looking into other companies to see where we might be able to get coverage.

In any case, we currently do not have any idea who we can get to insure our new home. Make sure you talk with your existing agent and explain to them what you are doing. It is a nasty surprise to find out that within a month of move-in, we don't know if it is insurable. If our agent does not come back with something soon, we are going to talk to Monolithic and see if tey have a recommendation abot who might insure the house. I'll keep you all informaed about the progress of getting insurance.

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