Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leveling of the floor

This week there are a few milestone being planned. First the foundation is going to have the undulations which were in it from a poorly poured slab leveled with self-leveling floor compound. This will allow them to lay the floor when it is time.

Second the garage door and front door should be installed this week. This will allow us to secure the property against the elements. The rain storm that went through last night poured a LOT of water in the house. Much of that was through the front door opening, but many of the downstairs windows leak. The contractor is going to have those pulled out and resealed.

I did not get a chance to go out there today and look in the pool to see how much water accumulated, but I am sure it was significant. The coping and the flagstone should all be on by now, if not right now then this week. Once that is done, the pool guy will be in a holding pattern until the house gets further along.

We looked at the cabinet elevations this evening and marked up those to the contractor. He will return them to the cabinet maker for revision and then we'll get an updated copy early next week for what should be final approval. Then they should actually be installed in early January.

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